Ryan Masuga

Space Guitar

Floating through space with you since the '70s. From Hillsdale, Michigan. Living and working in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Business owner. Author. Web developer. Husband. Father(x3). One dog. King of Michigan.

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    Very infrequently writing on this or that.
  • Wedding Invitation Booklet
    Everything you need to know about the wedding invitation book I designed in 2003.



Masuga Design@gomasuga
Web design and development.


I play guitar, piano, and drums, watch Michigan sports, collect Silver and Bronze age Marvel comics, and play chess. I love long, solitary bike rides. I still work out now and again.


I loved chess as a kid, but did not play for many years. In 2017, I started playing again and I now spend entirely too much time on these sites:

  • Chessable.com - Hands down the best site to learn openings, tactics, endgames, etc.
  • Chess.com - Games, puzzles, tactics, etc.